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Dust & Debris Exposure

Mycotoxins can spread and severely affect the immune system. These lead to health conditions like allergies, hypersensitivity, respiratory problems; and more serious issues like memory loss, depression, anxiety, reproductive problems and others. 

Dust Characterization

There’s a new realization that dust—the kind you see everyday in homes and workplaces—is more than a nuisance. Dust regularly contains a range of particles that are harmful to human and pet health. A dust characterization test identifies unhealthy particles.

What is a dust characterization?

All dust is not created equally. RTK helps you to identify unknown particles in dust from cellulose fibers, dander and dust mites, to minerals and fungal allergens. Not all environmental hazards are obvious. Some substances can’t be identified by sight alone. Our dust characterizations, performed by licensed environmental inspectors, can usually determine—or rule out— whatever mysterious matter is plaguing your home or workplace. This is especially important if you have allergies. RTK tests dust in two ways – a dust wipe sample and an air sample, which gives you a clear picture of what you are dealing with.

When should I have a dust characterization?

  • If you have allergies
  • After a renovation or remediation
  • If you are in an area of construction and need to determine if the particles in your home came from that construction
  • If you have small children that crawl on the floor, as they are more likely to ingest dust from hand to mouth contact. If this is the case, you may also want to test for lead.
  • If you are experiencing unexplained health symptoms

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